Examine 3 Major Benefits Of Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance was something mainly utilised by the government and huge and rich businesses; something you only saw in movies. Now you can see video surveillance cameras everywhere you look, whether you are grabbing dinner at your favorite restaurant, hopefully not as you drive through a red light!), or walking up to your neighbors’ front patio. Video surveillance system has become a must for business owners, and a lot of home owners have started to see the needs for them as well. One of the reasons for this is because the technology is far more affordable. However I am not here to discuss about the rise of video surveillance system, but to examine a couple of advantages of having a video cameras system.

1) As a deterrent to crime
The first benefit to having a video surveillance system in place is that it acts as a crime deterrent. A camera, or a signage warning of cameras, can be unnerving to a would-be burglar. When dealing with crime, prevention is always the most important, and having a video surveillance system totally helps.

2) Capture a suspect when a crime takes place
Another benefit of having a video surveillance cameras system is the ability to capture the look of a suspect when a crime does occur. A few months ago one of our customers reported how having a video surveillance system helped prevent a $30,000 theft; another customer telling us that it helped prevent being sued. Not too long ago, The Dallas Police Northwest Division secured a burglar by using a citizen’s video surveillance camera.

3) Increase work productivity of workers
Another main benefit of having a security camera system is to improve productivity of workers in the office (and at home). Many companies’ main purpose for having a video cameras system is not only for the security of the business but they also believe that threat doesn’t always come from without, but also from the company. When looking at loss prevention people often think of people stealing goods from a company, but what about personnel who routinely “rob” an employer’s time, by not working when they are paid to do it? After a security camera system is installed, much of that will end, potentially having a good dramatic affect on the company. Even though, video won’t actually help the bottom-line at home, video cameras can let you know if your children are home when they are supposed to be, and actually doing their homework instead of sitting in front of the television.

Therefore, we expect to see a ongoing increase in the amount of home owners, as well as business owners, installing video surveillance cameras systems in 2012. If you have any questions about securing your home or business, we provide free security assessment for home owners and business owners in Dallas, TX. Talk to the specialists, call us at 214.666.8497.

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